Pics of Gaming Rig

Since I have been working on my gaming community, I thought I would post pics of my gaming rig. 

There you go. 


Alcoholism and The Contributors

With as rampant as alcoholism is, one would think that others would be more aware and not be so ‘out there’ with recipes offering cakes drowned in tequila or rum or hams soaked in rum for the holidays. For some alcoholics, all it takes is the taste to send them back down that spiral. I opened a recent issue of AARP’s magazine and the first article I see is about a recipe with a holiday ham including ALCOHOL! Shame on you, AARP! You’re always saying how you help people. This isn’t helping, this is HURTING people who are trying to stay sober! For those new to sobriety and those struggling with sobriety, don’t make that temptation harder. Seriously. Especially around the holidays.

There are enough ads for liquor out there, you don’t need to add to it.





In the grand scheme of life, do we waste our time with certain people that we know are going to keep letting us down, and disappointing us? They aren’t family. They aren’t particularly close to us, but they are for some strange reason connected to us in some cosmic way. And against our better judgement, we keep trying to help them. I’ll tell you why. Human nature dictates that some of us are nurturers. 

I had an Epiphany…

My aunt passed yesterday… Today I called my mom to share something with her that while it was important to me, she didnt really have time because she had somewhere else she had to be. When did everything else become more important than family? I suppose it is my own fault for moving so far away. Then the moment of clarity. Everything our parents do to us, we do to everyone else…..I have seen myself doing this very same thing to others… Shame on me. Life is too short! Always make time for family. One day they will be gone. – there is the lesson.

PS: posts are sparse because we are moving, and I haven’t had much time to write, nor has there been much to write about.

We have him! A lil boy named Oniare!

Oniare is 8months old. He is a translucent. His colors are BEAUTIFUL! We picked him up a couple of weeks ago. Here are pictures of him.

He seems like a happy lil’ bug.


The first picture was the day we brought him home, (he was in the critter keeper, in the car on the way home.) The second picture was his first moments in his new home, in the 50gal tank. The biggest picture was a week later, after he’d been in his new home for awhile.



Bearded Dragons

So… I was talking to Angel about the lack of … life in my room so to speak. I’ve tried everything from doing the ‘girlie girl’ nonsense, and adding color to to trying to be a ‘girl’. I’ve always been a ‘tom-boy’. When I was in school, I did the ‘goth’ look or the tom-boy  to geek look because it was easy and I was comfortable with it, when I got to highschool. By then Mom didn’t have control over what I did, or what I wore, because I no longer lived at home. I became a ward of the state.
So, we talked about getting another bearded dragon and he has approved my request. The only catch, is I have to clear off my vanity of all of my ‘girlie-girl’ crap and make room for the dragon’s  habitat. So, this week it will be my task to figure out where to put all that stuff. I’ll find some place to put it.  I always do. That will be a few more things removed from storage, Huzzah!! He wants storage emptied out as well.  I’m thinking when we get there to get the habitat out of storage, we’ll clear out and take inventory of whatever else is in storage, and see what else we can remove. We are supposed to start paring down and get that emptied out. Hopefully a lot sooner than much later. 🙂



As soon as we get the dragon I’ll upload pix for all to see!